My family and I would love to wish Happy Greek Easter greetings to all!
50 years Brouklis Taverna

We opened our Taverna last Monday the 10th of April and we felt so proud and supported to have a full house! Around 70 ''Brouklis friends and fanatics'' came to honour us for our first opening day for 2023.
This is the year where we are celebrating our Taverna's Golden Jubilee. It's 50 years since we opened in 1973 .
 Arillas, Corfu and the rest of the world has changed drastically over the past 50 years, but our love for what we do, producing the local tastes of our family's food and traditions has remained much the same: the wooden chairs, the blue and white checkered tablecloths and both the inside and outside dining areas have remained the same for the past 33 years when I first unofficially took over from our Father. Since then I have not changed the look, size and style of our place at all. My  oldest Sister Roula is still the main cook for the last 33 years and she is still going strong,
Do not forget that this November I ll be 50 turning years old too!!  Shhhhh!

Brouklis Taverna is open every evening at 18:00 until about 23:00. (on Greek Easter Sunday we will be closed.)
This Summer season 2023 you may join us in celebration of 50 years of achievement as we look to the future and prepare for the next 50 to come.

See you soon,


Brouklis Taverna at the 70's

Brouklis Taverna in the 70's 

Brouklis Taverna in the 80's
Brouklis Taverna in the 80's